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How New Berlin Plastics controls its destiny and supports OEMs

August 25, 2021
How New Berlin Plastics Controls Its Destiny And Supports OEMs

The best suppliers are the ones you can consider partners—those you can count on today, and long into the future. When choosing a supplier, stability and vision are important values that can make the difference between success and failure. New Berlin Plastics controls its destiny through a clear vision of investing in people, process, and…

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Production floor improvements translate into customer advantage

July 22, 2021
Production Floor Improvements Translate Into Customer Advantages

New Berlin Plastics has been taking aggressive measures to prepare for growth over the past few years. In the last eight months, the company has expanded its production floor to significantly increase its capabilities, capacity, and efficiency.   As a result, we can produce a higher volume and wider variety of parts at a very…

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The Past, Present and Future of Injection Molding

November 14, 2018
Future e standard

Plastic injection molding is a fundamental manufacturing process capable of producing a variety of components and pieces – from intricate parts to large sections or panels. While plastic injection molding has evolved over time – due in large part to technological advancements – the process remains fundamentally the same. This post will provide a brief…

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