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Beyond Injection Molding

New Berlin Plastics offers more than injection molding. We assist you through design support, resin selection, and prototype activities so your project can launch with confidence.

We offer an extensive list of value-added services that will assist you in consolidating your supply base. Not only will this optimize your supply chain, reducing lead time, but also promote financial efficiency.

Our team at New Berlin Plastics is here to help you throughout your project – ensuring consistent communication and project transparency.

Resin Selection

Project success through resin selection  

We understand that proper resin selection is critical to the success of your project. Our engineers are trained to assist in resin selection, or identification and offer of acceptable alternates, with the objective of providing you with the highest quality and most cost-effective solution. We thoroughly consider the mechanical characteristics, molding properties, and cost effectiveness of each resin. Selecting the right resin bridges the gap between design and function.

Polymer Resin Granulate For Injection Molding Process

Resin Selection

Design assistance

Design Assistance

Design Assistance

From simple to complex: Optimizing part and mold design  

New Berlin Plastics focuses on design for manufacturability. Whether your part design is a simple housing, highly engineered component, or a cosmetic cover we will ensure your part and mold design provide you the best product possible.

Our process includes an in-depth review with the goal of identifying opportunities to engineer out cost and potential failure modes. These activities lead to reductions in cycle time, material selection, and efficient mold design. We can offer design improvements and make recommendations that can reduce cost and improve end-user experience.

Mold Flow analysis

Proving design through mold flow analysis    

Mold Flow Analysis is the science of simulating a resin’s flow into a mold and the conditions that may arise during production. This predictive process can uncover part and mold design issues and allow corrective action before mold production begins. Catching and correcting errors at this stage has been proven to be significantly less expensive than the same corrections being made once mold production has already begun.

Your options range from simple calculations to check for proper shear rates and pressure drops, to a detailed comprehensive flow analysis.

Mold flow

Mold Flow Analysis

NBP Toolroom

Mold Engineering

Mold Engineering

Exceptional quality through partnership  

Engineers at New Berlin Plastics understand that mold design is fundamental to a successful product.

Team members at New Berlin Plastics partner with your engineers to ensure that your part design is translated into the most cost effective and reliable mold build possible. All aspects of mold build will be reviewed to ensure satisfaction with the final product: venting and drafting, grade of steel, gate location, and melt delivery.

Molds are investments. Our mold design process filters out potential late-stage problems early on using technology and industry experience. New Berlin Plastics remains engaged throughout the build in order to deliver you a mold that can meet your needs for many years to come.

Program Management

Confidence in our people and processes 

New Berlin Plastics’ program management is a robust interface between customers and team members. Our project managers and engineers define scope and plan for each project. Providing our customers with a detailed timeline from conception to production. Program management plays a significant role in overseeing all New Berlin Plastics’ projects. Our customer’s team and weekly project updates are provided. Additionally, milestones are utilized to ensure projects remain on-pace.

We use a proactive approach tailored to detect potential issues early in the process; a time when issues are most cost effective to address. Multiple departments review and manage your program ensuring successful project launch.

Program management
Services Transfer Tool Featured

Transfer Tool

Transfer Tool

Efficient on-boarding of transfer tool opportunities  

Switching plastic injection molders can be overwhelming, however New Berlin Plastics wants to make it simple for you by creating a customized tool transfer process. The following outlines the NBP transfer process in five steps:

  1. Pre-Move Matching Assessment – Identifies expectations and needs by gathering all relevant information
  2. Dedicated Program Manager – Customers are assigned a dedicated manager to facilitate all aspects of the transition
  3. Transition Checklist – All phases of the tooling move process are documented
  4. Tool Inspection & Assessment – Comprehensive inspection to validate condition and capabilities
  5. Project Status Updates – Status updates ensure the move stays on track

Material Management

Aligning your demand  

New Berlin Plastics takes an innovative and logical approach to material management. Our results-driven Demand Management Team is involved from project launch through production. We provide full service support to our customers through comprehensive coordination of customer demand, material sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain management.
Our objectives for material management are:

  • Efficient product flow that optimizes material purchasing and manufacturing.
  • Work with our customers and suppliers to identify the best logistical solutions
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

We employ a fully integrated manufacturing ERP System called IQMS to manage our inventory levels of raw materials and product. IQMS monitors, tracks, traces, and communicates business and manufacturing activities in real-time allowing us to run our operation as efficiently as possible. This system provides less variation, higher quality engagement, and a monitoring system that emphasizes on-time supply and delivery.

Material Management Picker

Material Management

We offer full day seminars

New Berlin Plastics offers full day seminars on a variety of topics as an educational opportunity for our prospects and customers. These seminars, conducted in-person or virtually, provide valuable and actionable information to improve your capabilities when designing and sourcing injection molded parts. They also improve your knowledge base regarding plastics and the plastics industry. There are no costs involved with participating other than the day-long commitment to participate. Past attendees have communicated their participation has increased their value to their organization through the knowledge they gained.

We can tailor a seminar to focus on a topic more pertinent to the attending group, or select one of these seminar topics:

  • Introduction to Injection Molding
  • Principles of Part Design
  • DFM Best Practices and Mold Flow Analysis
  • Scientific Injection Molding
  • Engineering Out Cost and Failure-Modes Through Design
Seminar Background Photo