Plastic injection molding services

Beyond Injection Molding

New Berlin Plastics offers more than injection molding. We assist you through design support, resin selection, mold flow analysis, tool design, program management, and tool transfers so your project can launch with confidence.

We offer an extensive list of value-added services, backed by our world-class people, process, and technology that are designed to keep your parts flowing smoothly, on time, and at the level of quality you expect.

Here’s a closer look at the services we provide:

Resin Selection

Proper resin selection is critical to the success of your project. Learn how we help you identify the best fitting and most cost-effective, material for your part and application.

Design for Manufacturability

Our rigorous approach to design for manufacturability (DFM) can help you save time and money by identifying and solving part and tool design issues.

Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow analysis (MFA) is a critical tool for designing successful parts and tools for plastic injection molding. Here’s how our expertise delivers superior results.

Tool Design

Tool design is fundamental to a successful project and part. Our experienced engineering team will help you achieve the most reliable tool build possible while delivering the best cost-to-value.

Program Management

Our proprietary project launch process, LaunchLogic, helps us get your parts into production on time and within budget.

Transfer Tooling

Transferring parts from one supplier to another can be challenging. Our finely-honed process ensures that your tool moves will go smoothly.

Material Management

We provide comprehensive coordination of customer demand, material sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

We offer full day seminars

New Berlin Plastics offers full day seminars on a variety of topics as an educational opportunity for our prospects and customers. These seminars, conducted in-person or virtually, provide valuable and actionable information to improve your capabilities when designing and sourcing injection molded parts. They also improve your knowledge base regarding plastics and the plastics industry. There are no costs involved with participating other than the day-long commitment to participate. Past attendees have communicated their participation has increased their value to their organization through the knowledge they gained.

We can tailor a seminar to focus on a topic more pertinent to the attending group, or select one of these seminar topics:

  • Introduction to Injection Molding
  • Principles of Part Design
  • DFM Best Practices and Mold Flow Analysis
  • Scientific Injection Molding
  • Engineering Out Cost and Failure-Modes Through Design
Seminar Background Photo