Beyond Plastic Injection Molding

Curious about our plastic injection molding capabilities? New Berlin Plastics has a wide range of offerings to support your injection molding projects.

Your successful project launch relies on your suppliers being able to deliver on their promises and meet your expectations. New Berlin Plastics has a wide range of plastic injection molding capabilities that are designed to support you and your project from PO to PPAP and beyond.

In addition to our custom plastic injection molding services, we offer valuable DFM support that provides actionable insights from a manufacturing perspective, an array of value-added post-molding services, and a full-service toolroom to ensure your tooling investments are well-maintained.

Our scientific injection molding practices use data to drive decision-making during process development and production runs to ensure a consistently high level of quality, run after run. Internal automation expertise allows us to mitigate non-value-added labor and labor market uncertainty, reducing cost and risk for your plastic injection molding projects and your supply chain.


This short overview will cover how we apply people, processes, and technology to meet and beat our customer's expectations. These three pillars, and our financial stability, position us to grow with our customers and be a high-performing supplier of custom plastic injection molded parts long-term.

Injection Molding Expertise

New Berlin Plastics has the expertise to make your project a success. Learn about our precision approach to plastic injection molding.

Scientific Injection Molding

NBP is committed to scientific injection molding (SIM), which utilizes real-time polymer behavior data to optimize injection molding processes.

Value-Added Post-Molding Services

NBP provides a comprehensive list of value-added post-molding services at a competitive cost that helps OEMs save money and labor.

Injection Molding Tool Management

Our full-service toolroom maintains your molds to yield their maximum capacity and reduce costs throughout a project’s lifetime.

Internal Automation Expertise

Unlike many molders our size, we’ve developed the internal expertise needed to build, program, install, and manage our automation systems in-house.