Investing in your future

For years, New Berlin Plastics has made ongoing investments in people, process, and technology. All of it is focused on better serving our customers.

We take a holistic approach to ensure that we continually improve our processes, leverage technologies in smart and effective ways, recruit quality people, and retain talented employees.

Our goals are simple but laser-focused:

  • Be a financially stable, high-performance, low TCO supplier of exceptional quality parts.
  • Build relationships with customers who want to work with a strategic, sophisticated supplier for mutual success.
  • Be an employer and supplier of choice.
  • Position NBP as a safe place to put your business!

Our investments are focused on you

Our continuing investments in people, process, and technology help to ensure our financial stability – we’ll be here for you tomorrow.

They also help us maintain our reputation as a high-performance supplier of exceptional quality parts – favored by a broad range of OEMs – and maintain the high level of service and quality our customers expect.

During times of increasing uncertainty, this focus helps us to reduce your risk. Think of us as a partner that acts as insurance against the known and unknown, helping navigate things like the current supply chain volatility.


Precision through Scientific Injection Molding

Examples of our investments

Invested in people

Our high-performance starts with our people


  • We have cultivated a high-performance culture that attracts talented people to work for New Berlin Plastics.
  • We recently reimagined our company values to make them more relatable and actionable, help us make better decisions, and to ensure that we can attract and retain the best and brightest talent.
  • To further streamline every aspect of our production processes, our employees are trained and empowered to make decisions that help us avoid bottlenecks or slowdowns.
  • We have formed production floor focus teams, which aim to help their departments achieve operational excellence.
Workflow process

Mold flow simulations help us optimize molds and parts


In-house robotics and automation expertise


Automation drives competitiveness


  • New Berlin Plastics recently purchased a 105,000 sq. ft. building to meet the growing needs of our existing customers and accommodate the needs of new customers.
  • This expansion will allow us to grow our manufacturing and operational capacities as we look to scale with existing and new customers.
  • The new building will contain around 20 new presses (depending upon the mix of machine tonnages).
  • It will also serve as the new location of our shipping and receiving operations. It has 12 loading docks.

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