About Us

New Berlin Plastics was founded in 1975 by William Aukofer and Robert Zeman. After two company moves in 1976 and 1982, business continued to expand, allowing NBP to transition to a new 100,000 square foot facility in 1998. This facility is located in New Berlin, Wisconsin and serves as the corporate headquarters and manufacturing site. In July of 2001, Jeffery Held and Mark Siewert acquired New Berlin Plastics. They worked together to grow the organization, focusing on both the day-to-day processes and the long-term goals.

New Berlin Plastics is more than an injection molder. We uphold business objectives that parallel the goals of your organization while providing you with superior manufacturing and comprehensive value-added services. The NBP team works alongside you on your project from the very beginning until your vision is achieved. We focus on delivering speed, accuracy, quality, cost-efficiency, competence, and value.

Our Commitment To Quality

We are continually raising our standards

Recently New Berlin Plastics worked with a third party to anonymously interview a sampling of customers that represents the organizations and industries we serve. Out of that process one comment came up over and over, “New Berlin Plastics is a key part of our supply chain.” Here are some of the words our customers used to describe us.

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Our Goals, Mission and Vision

  • Pursuing growth in the injection molding industry
  • Continuous improvement in our processes, products, and people
  • Implementing new technology
  • Ethically conducting business and maintaining strong principles
Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To understand the necessary qualities that create success for our stakeholders; boldly deploy new ideas and increase our effectiveness to provide value.

Vision: To be the best choice for our employees, customers and suppliers.

Our Values

“Take ownership of yourself and your responsibilities. Meet your commitments.”

  • Act with integrity.
  • Keep your commitments.
  • Communicate clearly, don’t leave requests unanswered.
  • Be dependable, your teammates are relying on you.

“Our strength is in our team. By working together toward common goals, we outperform our competition and provide our customers with excellent service.”

  • Be excited to create success for other people.
  • Be willing to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Follows our process, but don’t be afraid to make suggestions for improvement.
  • Be an asset.
  • Communicate information early and anticipate others’ needs.

“Get smarter with every mistake, learn from every experience. Our team, and company, will grow alongside you.”

  • Your abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point.
  • Cultivate a love of learning, and resilience, that is essential for great accomplishment.
  • Build competence. Improve where you can and be honest about your weaknesses.
  • Be curious – approach life, and challenges, with an open mind.
  • Don’t find comfort in the status quo.

“Positive attitudes are infectious – be the person you want to work with.”

  • Make a positive difference for others.
  • See opportunities, not obstacles.
  • Lead by good example.
  • Show up with a strong work ethic.
  • Recognize achievement in others.
  • Keep a healthy perspective, don’t take things too seriously and have some fun.
  • Treat others and your surroundings with respect.

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of great. Approach challenges with a solution-based mindset.”

  • Have vision, push boundaries, and dare to innovate.
  • Be willing to change.
  • Be resourceful and show initiative.
  • Approach everything with a solution mindset.
  • Ask for help when needed.

Specializing in these markets

New Berlin Plastics, Inc. works directly with industries and organizations who place a value on high quality engineered products and services.  One of our goals at NBP is to work with customers on projects from start to finish. This allows us to create a solid relationship, provide value-added engineering services, and generate the best possible product for the application. Our experience and expertise in custom injected molded plastic components assists customers in various fields and markets:

Electrical Utility
Specialty Hand & Power Tool
Power Sports
Water Treatment
Building & Construction
Lawn & Garden
Pet Care
Small Engine