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The Importance of Mold Flow Analysis for Improving Injection Molding Design

February 5, 2018
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Creating a high performing mold is a vital part of the injection molding process, but can be a challenging. While one might think liquid plastic simply takes on the shape of the mold it’s injected into, a strong initial design and innovative techniques are vital to consistent part production.

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10 Principles and Considerations of Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

November 23, 2017
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The goal of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is to reduce manufacturing costs without reducing quality or performance.

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4 Ways You Can Improve The Manufacturability of Your Part for Injection Molding

October 25, 2017

Injection molding is an incredibly efficient and accurate way to produce and enhance parts of all shapes and sizes. If you want to optimize the manufacturability of a part for injection molding, you will need to understand the different aspects and details of this process.

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5 DFM Tips Engineers Can Use to Improve Manufacturability

October 18, 2017

In the manufacturing industry, a commonly used acronym is DFM. It stands for design for manufacturing and it refers to the various factors going into a design so that it can be manufactured at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing quality.

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