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Abandoned fishing nets become high-performance motorcycle parts

October 3, 2023
sustainable manufacturing

Motorcycles give riders a sense of freedom and power, as well as the satisfaction that they look cool while cruising down the highway. But as bike OEMs continue to engineer new models with advanced performance and eye-catching appearance, there’s another priority impacting their design decisions today – environmental sustainability. One iconic motorcycle manufacturer in the…

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Top Tips For Preventing Plastic Part Defects

April 15, 2018
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Injection molding has made the plastic manufacturing industry much more efficient, but these parts don’t always turn out the way they should. If you understand what these issues are and what is causing them, you can work with your injection molder to identify and resolve them before they occur.

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The Biggest Reasons to Replace Metals with Plastic

February 15, 2018
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In historical context, plastic was issued as a “cheap” replacement for expensive materials and supply shortages. In fact, plastic gained prominence during World War II when war rationing necessitated material substitutes. While plastic today is still an affordable manufacturing medium, it has revolutionized production for a range of industries and is certainly not a “lesser”…

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Why Your Material Selection Could Make or Break Your Next Project

December 6, 2017
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Plastic injection molding is a process that allows for the quick and affordable production of plastic products and parts. The type of plastic used to produce a part is the most crucial aspect in just about every facet of the plastic injection molding process.

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[Infographic] 10 Steps for Choosing the Right Resin for Your Injection Molding Project

November 28, 2017
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Choosing a resin is an important part of creating a successful injection molded component. You want to select a resin that matches your design goals, budget, and performance requirements. This helpful infographic outlines 10 important steps for choosing the right resin for your project.

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