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How resiliency and agility keep NBP strong in uncertain times

January 11, 2023
New Berlin Plastics 2023 outlook

Higher inflation. Continuing labor challenges. Scattered material and component shortages. These and other challenges will affect some industries a lot in 2023, and others not as much. 2023 may be another challenging year, depending on what industry you’re in. The New Berlin Plastics leadership team has built resiliency and agility into the company’s DNA and…

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How NBP Helped Two OEMs Overcome Material and Component Shortages

June 1, 2021
How NBP Helped Two OEMs Overcome Material And Component Shortages

OEMs are struggling to keep production lines running and new product launches on schedule due to the perfect storm of material shortages and congested freight lines on land and at sea. To take advantage of increasing consumer demands, OEMs are trying to ramp up quickly. However, when critical materials and components aren’t available, the situation…

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OEMs and molders seek creative solutions during resin shortage

April 7, 2021
A frosted white plastic cup spills small blue resin pellets.

A global pandemic, extreme cold weather in Texas, surging consumer demand and clogged transportation systems have combined to create a chaotic situation in the plastic resin market. Supplies of many resins are desperately low, and other raw materials used for molding plastic parts, such as metals and glass, are also in short supply.  With so…

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