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NBP controls costs by hiring a new long-reach cobot

November 15, 2023
Injection molding cobot helps control parts costs

Manufacturers have seen a lot of upward pressure on costs including labor, materials, and freight. To further mitigate non-value-added labor cost from impacting part price, New Berlin Plastics has deployed a new UR20 collaborative robot (cobot) from Universal Robots. Focused on automating tasks for higher tonnage presses, the UR20 adds new capabilities to the automation…

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Quality Department changes improve on-time delivery

October 20, 2023
Plastic injection molding quality standards

New Berlin Plastics has always excelled at high-quality plastic molded parts, but new changes to the Quality Department are even increasing on-time delivery of Product and Process Validations (PPAPs) from 96% to 99%. To meet the needs of our growing workload, we’ve enhanced our Quality Department to ensure dedicated support for both our external and…

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12 rules of thumb for successful part design

May 4, 2021
A man wearing a black collard shirt sits at a desk, working on a design rendering on a laptop screen and desktop screen on the desk in front of him.

Designing parts for plastic injection molding requires a delicate balance of functionality, quality, and cost. Fortunately, part designers, molders, and material providers have distilled many years of experience into a set of design guidelines. These rules of thumb lead to higher-quality parts that are easier to produce. Most importantly, they can help you to avoid…

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