Medical device summit signals expanded NBP services

Medical device summit signals expanded NBP services

As part of its growth plans, New Berlin Plastics is making a major commitment to expand its plastic injection molding services to the medical device market. 

To support this effort, two members of our business development staff recently participated in the Marcus Evans Medical Device Manufacturing & R&D Summit in Las Vegas. This invitation-only event connected leading medical device OEMs with innovative suppliers and solution providers for small group meetings. 

It also featured presentations on key medical device challenges, recent market developments and progressive ideas and strategies adopted by pioneers in this fast-growing industry.

Over two days, New Berlin Plastics’ representatives spent time learning about the medical device industry and the challenges manufacturers face. Through individual meetings with the OEMs in attendance, they worked to identify the unique needs of this industry. 

As these conversations expanded, it was clear that the value propositions and differentiators New Berlin Plastics brings to the table align well with the characteristics these OEMs want and need in their suppliers. In addition to technical capabilities, NBP’s available production capacity and ability to scale were viewed as valuable resources by the OEMs they met with.

Why is New Berlin Plastics expanding into the medical device market?

“We have a significant amount of experience producing parts like the ones used in out-of-body medical devices,” explains Business Development Manager Karl Held. He also points to a growing need for reliable and knowledgeable injection molding partners to help OEMs accelerate their new product development efforts.

“Medical and life sciences companies face extreme cost pressures to develop new and innovative products in shorter time frames. They must also comply with stringent regulatory requirements. We’ve assembled the people, process and technology to help them meet these extraordinary challenges,” he adds.

NBP has made ongoing investments in people, process and technology that enable it to be an agile and responsive partner to OEMs in this innovative, fast-paced industry. 

“When an OEM develops a new device, it’s not just a matter of designing a part for it. There are many variables. We help our customers improve the manufacturability of their parts and help them eliminate cost and failure modes. We can also take a close look at their design intent and the environment in which the parts will ‘live.’ Based on this analysis, we may be able to suggest alternate designs and materials that may perform better,” Held emphasizes. “This approach helps them bring new products to market faster – with fewer dead ends and delays.”

New Berlin Plastics has expertise in applications of injection-molded plastic parts in a variety of industries that are very similar to those of the medical industry, including front and back housings, LCD carriers, circuit board carriers and USB and wi-fi housings. It also operates specialized presses that are used to cast medical components and recently announced an expansion that will nearly double its capacity.

“Our processes already include rigorous documentation and material traceability, which are key requirements of medical device OEMs,” Held points out.

For more information about New Berlin Plastics’ relevant expertise, visit the Medical Device Resource Center on the NBP website.

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