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Beyond PPAP: How NBP streamlines the project launch process

January 21, 2022
Beyond PPAP How NBP Streamlines The Project Launch Process

While the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a common method injection molders use to ensure a new part meets expectations, New Berlin Plastics takes additional steps to streamline the entire project launch process.  These extra steps provide efficiencies that often result in parts being approved and moved into production faster, saving time and cost…

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Injection molding: How to save money without sacrificing quality

March 10, 2020
Save Money Maximize Quality

There are many variables to consider when designing and producing injection-molded plastic parts. A knowledgeable and effective molding partner can help you reach a common-sense solution that helps you to save money – without sacrificing part quality.

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[Infographic] Evaluating part failure in injection-molded components

March 15, 2019
Common Types Of Part Failure And How To Avoid Them

Quality issues with your injection molded plastic parts can slow down production runs, waste materials, and ultimately leave you with a sub-par product. Assuming that there are no design flaws, however, a systematic approach to identify and resolve part complications can enhance your processes and improve the quality of finished products. A range of factors,…

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Perfecting Your Product: How to Prevent the Most Common Defects in Plastic

December 16, 2018
Perfect f standard

Like most processes, plastic injection molding is not without its challenges. Producing injection-molded parts requires both attention to detail and technical expertise to prevent defects and other costly mistakes that can equate to significant losses and delays for manufacturers.This post will examine some of the most common plastic defects that occur in the molding process,…

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7 Reasons to Perform a Mold Flow Analysis

August 8, 2018
Moldflow2 c standard

Mold flow analysis can be essential to ensure that a mold is capable of producing the strongest and most consistent parts. Is mold flow a necessary step of the process, or is it just extra time and effort?

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4 Crucial Aspects to Overcome Cosmetic Defects in Plastic Parts

June 11, 2018
Newberlin2 d normal 1

Many different cosmetic defects can make plastic parts unsuitable for use. Weld lines, small scuff marks, and other issues may not detract from part performance, but consumers won’t want to purchase a product that has visible imperfections.Overcoming these cosmetic defects, then, is just as important as dealing with other issues.

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Top Tips For Preventing Plastic Part Defects

April 15, 2018
Nbp c1 normal

Injection molding has made the plastic manufacturing industry much more efficient, but these parts don’t always turn out the way they should. If you understand what these issues are and what is causing them, you can work with your injection molder to identify and resolve them before they occur.

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A Short Guide for Creating Consistent/Repeatable Plastic Products

March 24, 2018
Newberlin b5 normal

When you’re putting together a new injection molding project, you want to make certain that the final product you create is high-quality and meets all of your needs. This means you must partner with a molder that focuses on creating processes that lead to consistent/repeatable products. Analyze the suppliers you have used in the past…

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Computrac Vapor Pro

September 4, 2014
Computrac vapor pro

In the pursuit of outstanding quality, New Berlin Plastics invests in technology to ensure that the material being used to mold your products are of the highest grade. The Computrac Vapor Pro is a revolutionary moisture analyzer that utilizes a cylindrical bottle heater, dry air-carrier gas flow system, and a moisture sensor with a detection…

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