A Short Guide for Creating Consistent/Repeatable Plastic Products

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When you’re putting together a new injection molding project, you want to make certain that the final product you create is high-quality and meets all of your needs. This means you must partner with a molder that focuses on creating processes that lead to consistent/repeatable products. Analyze the suppliers you have used in the past to ensure the manufacturing processes they use aren’t creating waste and extra cost.

Understand the Necessary Criteria

Quality injection molders follow a set of criteria that can help you optimize design and manufacturing processes prior to production. By adhering to rigorous molding standards you can not only monitor and improve your project to meet your expectations and avoid errors, but ensure you’re getting the most return on the investment you’re making in a supplier.

In many cases equipment, molds, and products that don’t abide by these rules will likely fail other requirements too. Keep that in mind when designing your new project and selecting your supplier.

Make Use of Simulations

Understanding how your molds will work beforehand can save you a lot of time and hassle. Performing a mold flow simulation will show you where you need to make design improvements for both your part and tool. In particular, simulations will help you in three different areas:

  • First, you’ll be able to predict the melt flow, which has a significant impact on the final product. You’ll also be able to simulate how air will be vented through the mold and identify if the current designs will lead to defects in your final product.
  • Second, you can create and evaluate various hot runner and cold runner scenarios. This will allow you to see how effective each option is and let you better balance cost with function.
  • You’ll be able to determine how efficient the cooling loop is and if the size of the cooling channel is adequate. Simulations allow you to play around with the cooling system until you find one that minimizes the cycle time and also prevents warping in your final product.
  • Third, you can examine the various visuals created by the simulation and make decisions based on what you see. This allows you to note where the plastic resin may not fill the entire mold and make adjustments. You may need to alter your design to fill the entire mold or see if tooling adjustments can address the problem. You’ll also be able to look at where your weld lines are. In some cases, you may decide that these lines are not in the right place which can lead to a mold redesign.
  •  Finally, you’ll be able to look at the temperature, pressure, and the injection rate to decide if you’re using the right materials. If you’re not, simply change the material in the simulation and try again.

Simulations may take time, but they will also save you money. You will be able to correct various flaws in your mold and part design before you begin tool construction. Everything is modeled through computer simulations cutting back on the cost of prototypes.

Management Plays a Part, Too

Don’t forget that the management of your project is going to impact its launch and overall costs. Your management team or office will oversee the project’s budget and schedule. This team will make it possible for you to meet deadlines and achieve your goals. They’re also responsible for governing the guidelines, regulations, and laws of which your product must comply. Your management team may not do any of the designing or be a part of the manufacturing process, but they still provide immense value to the project.

Ready to Start Your New Project?

If you’re in need of assistance with your next injection molding project, New Berlin Plastics is always available. We leverage advanced technologies to control the molding techniques and control manufacturing variables. We promise to work closely with you during the launch process to make sure everything is perfectly designed to meet your expectations. As an added bonus, we offer DFM services so your part will be fully optimized for manufacturing.

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