Medical Device Resource Center

As part of its growth plans, New Berlin Plastics is making a major commitment to expand its plastic injection molding services to the medical device industry, starting with participation in the Marcus Evans Medical Device Manufacturing & R&D Summit.

We are a financially stable, high-performance supplier of exceptinal quality parts serving a broad range of OEMs. For years, we’ve been producing tight-tolerance, complex parts that are very similar to those used in medical devices. We’re well-positioned to support this industry space.

Welcome to our Medical Device Resource Center. Its focus is to help you better understand the qualities and capabilities that make New Berlin Plastics an excellent partner for your plastic injection molding needs.

We apply people, process, and technology to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We deliver on-time project launches and unmatched part quality for some of the world’s most notable brands.

We have a significant amount of experience producing parts like the ones used in your out-of-body medical devices. That’s why we’d love to learn more about your needs.

Our Expertise

Relevant Applications

New Berlin Plastics has expertise in applications of injection-molded plastic parts in a variety of industries that are very similar to those of the medical industry, including:

  • Front and back housings
  • LCD carriers
  • Circuit board carriers
  • USB housings
  • Wi-fi housings
  • Pad printing
Advanced Expertise
  • Scientific injection molding
  • Class A cosmetic surfaces
  • Highly-engineered resins for specialty applications
  • Tight tolerances for mating parts and assembly requirements
  • Overmolding
  • Insert molding
  • Process-driven production (APQP)
  • Resins we already mold are also used in medical applications

Relevant Parts

These parts have design and physical characteristics that are similar to the types of injection-molded parts used in out-of-body medical devices.

Fan Housing

Fan Housing

Tight tolerance housing for an engine fan on industry leader’s consumer lawn care product.

Mask Body

Mask Body

Mask body for an N95-style filtration device. Soft-touch overmolding provides a snug and comfortable fit for the user. Produced in cooperation with a major OEM.

Controls Cover

Controls Cover

Cosmetic cover for a major OEM’s control interface.

Housing Cover

Housing Cover

Cosmetic cover with a window allowing for a simple systems check without opening the device. Produced for an assembly for an industry-leading OEM.

Joystick Interface

Joystick Interface

Part of a housing assembly for an industry-leading OEM’s joystick control interface.

Switch Rocker

Switch Rocker

A precision rocker that is part of a control interface for an off-road vehicle console. Produced for an industry-leading OEM.

Controls Knob 2up

Controls Knob

Cosmetic, tight tolerance, control knob with an insert-molded post to improve structural integrity. Part of an interface for a system built by an industry-leading OEM.

Console Cover

Console Cover

Large console cover, with complex pad printing, used in an industry-leading OEM’s off-road vehicle application. Protects the electronics in the cab while providing access to the user interface and improving information accessibility.

High-Performance Highlights

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