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OEMs and molders seek creative solutions during resin shortage

April 7, 2021
OEMs, Molders Look For Creative Solutions During Resin Shortage

A global pandemic, extreme cold weather in Texas, surging consumer demand and clogged transportation systems have combined to create a chaotic situation in the plastic resin market. Supplies of many resins are desperately low, and other raw materials used for molding plastic parts, such as metals and glass, are also in short supply.  With so…

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Mitigating supply chain disruptions

March 17, 2020
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The recent coronavirus outbreak has reinforced the need for manufacturers to have a risk mitigation plan in place so they’re prepared for disruptions to their global supply chain. According to a survey conducted by ThomasNet, roughly two out of every three North American manufacturing companies have felt the disruptions caused by the recent pandemic on…

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Project Management: 5 Key Supply Chain Processes for Injection Molding

February 13, 2018
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Regardless of the industry or specific undertaking, project management can be a difficult task. For injection molding, however, managerial discipline and oversight are essential. Project Management Offices (PMOs) have become a standard in molding industry; they ensure high-quality production runs by instituting specific policies and procedures and monitor the entirety of manufacturing processes. On top…

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