Proving Fit and Function

New Berlin Plastics offers a variety of prototyping services. When designing a product prototyping is important to prove out concept and test fit and function before production manufacturing investments are made. A prototype allows our customers to adjust design, shape, and aesthetics to find a balance of cost, time, and suitability.

3D Printing

Innovative technology makes prototyping not only affordable but also assists in a proper design early in our process. New Berlin Plastics leverages our progressive technology in 3D printing to lower cost and assist in a high quality mold design. The New Berlin Plastics engineering team is available to assist our clients at every stage of product development.

3D Light Scanning and CT Scanning

When highly engineered products require the most thorough treatment NBP relies on 3D light scanning and CT Scanning to provide the most accurate measurements. This technology allows us to prove to you that your critical components are well within the tolerances laid out by your design team.