Project Description

Part: Tiger Latch Handle

A global automotive supplier approached New Berlin Plastics when it needed an innovative manufacturing solution. The Tiger Latch Handle was destined for a major marine engine manufacturer, therefore our customer required a molder that had experience producing paint-ready surfaces and could quickly move the design from concept to production. Our customer-focused team transformed the initial design. In the end, New Berlin Plastics delivered a robust, clever, and economical design.

Key Points
Throughout this project New Berlin Plastics:

  • Created and managed a complicated, but efficient, supply chain
  • Applied innovative manufacturing processes, designing the part for a vertical loader to stabilize the insert during injection molding
  • Streamlined part and insert design

The Tiger Latch Handle presented our team with challenging design and cosmetic requirements. The first manufacturing problem was how to attach a quarter pound mass to the back of the part to act as a counterweight. The original concept secured the insert post-molding leaving it exposed to the elements. This required additional labor and a costly stainless steel insert (necessary to meet salt spray requirements). Our team redesigned the part to completely encapsulate a cost effective sintered metal insert during the molding operation using a progressive over molded process, thus eliminating the need for a more expensive option and eliminating the need for corrosion resistance and validation testing.

Improved Design:
By assisting with redesigning the handle and insert, New Berlin Plastics was able to improve performance and cut costs for our customer.

Speed to Market:
Innovative engineering reduced the number of steps between manufacturing and distribution allowing New Berlin Plastics to cut the lead time for our customer. We also created and managed a complicated supply chain in order to source inserts for production, third parties for painting and decal work, and distribution to our customer.