Project Description

In the pursuit of outstanding quality, New Berlin Plastics invests in technology to ensure that the material being used to mold your products are of the highest grade. The Computrac Vapor Pro is a revolutionary moisture analyzer that utilizes a cylindrical bottle heater, dry air-carrier gas flow system, and a moisture sensor with a detection limit of 10 ppm. This sensor based system detects true H2O levels. This tool allows us to analyze the material used to make your products, and determine whether the material is ready for production. This aids in reducing scrap from cosmetic issues due to moisture content as well as maintaining the integrity of the material. Computrac has a programmable memory setting for up to 102 materials, and retains data from the previous 30 sample runs. Test parameters include sample size, heater temperature, and test ending criteria that can be altered to optimize speed and accuracy of measurements. With the capability to automatically terminate tests when enough information has been collected, the sample measurements are extremely accurate.