Project Description

Catch and Pawl


Through automation of the production operation of Strattec’s Catch and Pawl numerous benefits were achieved: stable cycle time, removal of human error, a highly repeatable process, and a competitive price.

Key Points

Throughout this project New Berlin Plastics:

  • Implemented a complicated automation system
  • Created an incredibly stable cycle through automation
  • Established an efficient, accurate, and repeatable process
  • Ingenuity

The automation installed on the Catch and Pawl production work cell performs multiple tasks to ensure part quality. The robotic arm loads inserts from feeder bowls and uses sensors to verify that all inserts are present and correct. The sensors also determine whether the inserts are seated properly once they have been loaded into the tool. Over-molded inserts are removed from the tool and inspected by a camera that verifies conformance to requirements. Automation removes the element of human error from the production process, and maintains a steady cycle time leading to a highly repeatable process and reduces the total cost of the operation.


Through the implementation of robotics our production process for the Catch and Pawl enjoyed many improvements. By using sensors and cameras we created a process that prevents waste of material and time, while reducing the risk of nonconformance. Human operators can become fatigued, and may not notice a nonconforming insert or molding defect. Our verification process is able to examine every insert and part, thus ensuring the required level of quality. In addition, automation maintains a stable cycle time allowing for a uniform and uninterrupted resin flow which preserves the physical characteristics of the plastic material that ensures the design engineer’s intents are achieved.