Project Description

Part: Cable Tie Tension Knob
As a leading global manufacturer of systems and solutions to manage and identify wire, cable, and components, our customer approached us when they encountered a design dilemma while developing an innovative cable tie tool that allowed for tension adjustment via a control knob. What would be the best way to achieve a numerically graduated tension knob with high-integrity markings? After tabling numerous ideas, the team at New Berlin Plastics offered a solution that put their worries to rest.

Key Points
Throughout this project New Berlin Plastics:

  • Designed a solution that surpassed our customer’s expectations
  • Worked closely with our supplier to compound an application-specific polymer
  • Offered design assistance that extended the life of the product

Our customer had suggested multiple designs for the markings on the tension knob including: printing the numbers on the plastic, in-mold decorating, and attaching a printed sticker. The increased number of designs caused alarm for a potential threat of high scrap rates. Wasn’t there a cost effective solution? It turned out there was, and the team at New Berlin Plastics discovered it. Rather than trying to number the knob with an added material, we worked closely with a compounder to design a laser-etchable polymer that met all our customer’s requirements.

Design Solution:
New Berlin Plastics aided in product design to create a solution for our customer’s problem that met all their requirements while keeping scrap low, and ensuring a long-lasting quality product.
Innovative Material Application:
Rather than proceeding with production using a method of numbering that would ultimately lead to manufacturing and supply issues down the road, New Berlin Plastics took the initiative to engineer a solution that achieved our customer’s goals while optimizing production efficiency.