New Berlin Plastics invested in the eDart as part of our ever-evolving scientific injection molding practice. The eDart allows us to collect vast amounts of data during machine cycle which is then analyzed to create data-driven procedures that lead to consistent and reliable production.

Computrac Vapor Pro

In the pursuit of outstanding quality, New Berlin Plastics invests in technology to ensure that the material being used to mold your products are of the highest grade. The Computrac Vapor Pro is a revolutionary moisture analyzer that utilizes a cylindrical bottle heater, dry air-carrier gas flow system, and a moisture sensor with a detection limit of 10 ppm.

Scientific Injection Molding


The term scientific injection molding (SIM) is becoming a buzzword in the industry. How do you differentiate between true SIM and loosely used terminology? It comes down to data collection, machine performance, processes, material characteristics, and how they influence one another. By understanding this behavior through data analysis, New Berlin Plastics is able to create processes that cater to particular materials and parts; providing a repeatable process that’s proven in the numbers.