Creating a high performing mold is a vital part of the injection molding process, but can be a challenging. While one might think liquid plastic simply takes on the shape of the mold it’s injected into, a strong initial design and innovative techniques are vital to consistent part production.

Today, many manufacturers have proven mold flow analysis (MFA) to be the medium between a flawless design and production. Vital to the injection molding process, investing in MFA software will enhance mold quality, product appearance, and final performance. The return on investment more than justifies the cost of the MFA software.


What Does MFA Software Do?

MFA software allows manufacturers to create virtual simulations depicting how plastic will flow into a mold. This program can determine design flaws and mold complications before actual tool build begins. MFA software can test various mold designs and material selections in a virtual simulation. This can save you the time and materials needed to create a physical prototype. You’ll be able to eliminate imperfections and retest your product before cutting a production tool and ultimately save time, money, and resources.

You can also utilize mold flow analyses to simulate a multitude of what-if scenarios. By creating a testing several different hypothetical mold designs you can ultimately produce higher quality products. Imagine the time it would take to adjust an actual mold for every design adjustment pre-production. With MFA software testing mold design is a quick, innovative process that allows your team to ultimately save significant amounts of time and money.


When Should You Use MFA Software?

It is optimal to utilize MFA software before starting the tooling production process. After designing and testing your mold through the software program, a virtual model of the initial design will be developed. Utilizing data and aware of mold qualities, MFA software will virtually predict how the material will flow through and fill the cavities of a mold.

With information regarding pressure, fill time, melt temperature, and other data points, one can analyze and adjust the mold accordingly, retest the improved model, and continue the process until a perfect mold simulation is created This software mitigates risk and error before production even begins.


Is Analysis Always Necessary?

MFA resources aren’t always necessary for every project but are highly recommended. Even with a simple design you will benefit from the peace of mind delivered through proving your part and tool design using MFA before you begin spending money on tool development. You can use these resources to hone mold design and material selection and ensure your tool will function as expected once it goes into production.


MFA Benefits

There are many benefits to using MFA software during your injection molding and prototyping processes. Aside from improved manufacturability and reduced time to market, MFA software can illustrate data to suppliers and customers to support your mold and part design.

MFA software also reveals visual defects such as flow lines, sink marks, and potential air traps before constructing a part. Ultimately you can adjust a mold and perfect your process before creating a prototype or production tool, avoiding errors and reducing overall project costs.


Working with a Professional

The guidance and knowledge base of professional manufacturers and injection molders can assist you in developing the best tool and part design possible. At New Berlin Plastics experts review design, test, and mass produce parts for a range of industries and multitude of products. New Berlin Plastics is also capable of performing MFA in-house. If your considering the benefits regarding MFA software reaching out to a professional to broaden your knowledge base and guide you through the software program can ultimately enhance your production efficiency and part quality.