Dependable Molding through Reliable Data

The term Scientific Injection Molding (SIM) is becoming a buzzword in our industry. SIM involves data collection, machine maintenance, process development, material characteristics and management, and the influence each has on the others. SIM gives us the ability to identify visually undetectable flaws during part molding. This allows us to solve the root cause rather than treat the symptom. There are multiple key components in a well-developed SIM process including:

  • Mold Design
  • Part Design
  • Polymer Properties
  • Processing
  • Press Performance
  • Material and part validation

The goal of SIM is to move injection molding away from being an art to a data-driven, scientifically rigorous procedure. By employing the strenuous data collection and analysis generated through use of RJG technology, and tightly controlled molding techniques. New Berlin Plastics is able to produce data-driven dependable processes that create consistent and reliable parts.