Value Added Services to Enhance your Supply Chain

New Berlin Plastics offers Value Added Services to help optimize your supply chain. With these offerings we intend to:

  • Enhance your product
  • Design and manufacture parts that are efficient and cost effective (saving time and money)
  • Provide you with a consolidated and efficient supply chain

Our Value Added Services include (but are not limited to):

  1. Chrome plating/painting
  2. Sonic Welding
  3. Hot-Plate Welding
  4. Hot Stamping
  5. Pad Printing
  6. In-Mold Decorating
  7. Packaging
  8. Assembly
  9. CNC Milling
  10. Drilling and Tapping
  11. Hard Coating
  12. Heat Staking
  13. Gas-Assist
  14. Automation Services
  15. Insert Molding
  16. Two-Shot Injection Molding
  17. Laser Engraving
  18. Testing and Validation
  19. 3D Printing
  20. Structured-Light 3D Scanning